2015 VBMA Fundraiser

Thanks to all of our donors and our friends and sponsors.  On the 17th of October, 2015, the VBMA held our annual Halloween fundraiser at the 40 et 8 Chateau, in Vancouver, WA. This fundraiser will help us continue promoting the history of the Vancouver Barracks and its people through 2016.  Our history projects include free, monthly military history talks, guided tours of the Vancouver Barracks Post Cemetery, and portable military history displays, which we supply to other organization's events.  New in 2016/2017 will be our World War 1 Ambulance Project.

The fundraiser itself was a great success, with 61 guests, including several children.  This was an increase of about 15 more people than our 2014 fundraiser.  We raised over $3,000 at this event, over $1,000 more than our 2014 event!  Dinner was served by the staff of the 40 et 8 Chateau, with a choice of chicken breast or the children's menu of pizza and chicken nuggets.  Entertainment was a mix of halloweenish music played DJ Matt Parker (of Batcave Games) and a presentation on ghosts of the Vancouver area by Jeff Davis.  In addition to his work as a military historian, Jeff has written and contributed to nearly a dozen books on the paranormal.  There was a costume contest with special prizes, as well as charity raffle for prizes as diverse as tire rotations, to food, to hotel stays, to season tickets at Vancouver's own symphony.  Here are some pictures of the event (provided by Ralph Walker of Fotos with Flair,) as well as a video link provided by Bob Parsille of Northwest Home Movies.


Still Pictures of Our Event

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Staff and volunteers

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Some of our many prizes

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Our guests

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Prize winners!

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   Our Friends and Sponsors

Silent Auction, Raffle and Door Prizes include books and gift baskets from various donors like:

Batcave Gaming · 40 et 8 · Lewis and Clark Young Marines · Oxford Suites · Bill Hauser · Chinook Winds Casino Resort, an Enterprise of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians · Lowes · Vancouver Symphony Orchestra· Wendell Dental  

Beaches Restaurant & Bar  · Bull Run Brewing · Chateau Westport ·Clatsop County Historical Society · Columbia River Knife and Tool  · Corwin Distributing · Costco · Curious Comedy · Discount Tire Stores · Disneyland Resort · Eastside Distilling · Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum · Fort George Brewery · G6 Airpark · House Spirits Distillery · Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub · Killer Burger · Kings Raven Winery · La Costa Mexican Restaurant · Lincoln City Visitor & Convention Bureau · Lompac Pub & Brewery  · McSteven's Cocoa Factory · Mountain View Ice Arena · Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort · Naydenov Gymnastics and Fun Center  · North Clackamas Aquatic Park Oaks Park  · Oola Distillery  · Pittock Mansion  · Portland Children’s Museum  · Portland Spirit · Portland Trailblazers  · Quinalt Beach Resort and Casino · Silverwood Theme Park  · Sweet Tomatoes · The Davis Family  · The Source Climbing Center · Total Wines & More · Trader Joes · Tranquility Day Spa · University of Oregon · Vista Balloon Adventures · Wildhorse Resort & Casino ·Wildlife Safari · Wolfhaven International · Woodland Park Zoo · Ye Ol' Grog Distillery



One of the reasons why we do this

The Purpose of the World War 1 Ambulance Project
On Wednesday, the 23rd of September, the Vancouver Barracks Military Association voted to raise and expend a sum of not more than $4,500 to construct a replica of a U.S. Army M1917 Ambulance for use as a working interpretive display, to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of World War 1.  This ambulance would be driven in parades, or set up in reenactment or museum type displays, with VBMA members acting as interpreters of the history of World War 1, both in the United States and Europe.

The Cost
Believe it or not, this is project will probably not cost tens of thousands of dollars.  There are many working Model-Ts still in existence and many are priced below $3,000.  The VBMA has used our current funds to purchase a working chassis, to store it over the winter.  While we store it, we will raise more money to complete the ambulance body, and other materials necessary for interpretive displays.

For technical or financial information and donations, you can contact me at President@vbma.us.  To donate immediately, follow this link to the VBMA’s paypal donation site.